Venture Shield 3M Digital Design

Paint Protection System

keeps your vehicle in showroom condition year after year.

100% protection

Invisible patterns develops its computer-engineered kits worldwide, in order todeliver 100% protection for the front end of your vehicle. our patterns cover areas such as the hood/bonnet, bumpwrs, headlights, mirrors, and wheel arcs of your vehicle. We will also custom fit pieces upon request.

Total Transparency

VentureShield will also protect today's expensive headlights from gravel damage that leads to moisture entrapmemt, cracks and blown fuses. Due to its optical clarity, VentureShield will not diminish light transmission from your headlights, while providing 100% protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VentureShield ?

VentureShield is the toughest chip protection film on the market. Combing excellent elastic properties and optical clarity with a high shear and track adhesive, Vebture Shield is twice as stone resistant as the leading competition

Will it diminish the appearance of my vehicle?

Ventureshield will protect your vehicle for years, and were not present.

Can VentureShield be washed and waxed?

Yes, you may wash an wax your vehicle as if VentureShield were not present.

Will my vehicle fade under the sun?

Yes. VentureShield film is UV stable, but will allow UV rays to penatrate. This feature eliminates the "two shades" of paint problem resulting from traditional car "bras".

If I sell my vehicle, can VentureShield be removed?

Yes. VentureShield uses a patented arcrylicadhesive which can be safley removed without residue, leaving your vehicle looking as great as the day you bought it !